A tip from our CEO Scott Matthews on utilizing Big Data & Insights




#LEtip How to better enable your selling organization to influence and drive profitable sales with big data and insights.


This question comes up often with clients on annual reviews, and like every business they’re seeking a new innovative and competitive edge.  In todays e-climate a lot of new clients also need to play catch up.


Below are two strategies I’d like to share that will help you “catch up” or “keep up”.  These tools will enable your selling organization to influence and drive profitable sales while keeping performance, value,  and service at a “best in class” for your customers.


1.) Learn to utilize and apply fast changing consumer data and insights in your presentations.


BIGinsight from Prosper Technologies offers a unique and powerful set of data sources you may not have yet:


Monthly Consumer Survey – This monitors 8,000+ consumers each month and provides unique insights & identifies opportunities in a fragmented & transitory marketplace.


  • Media Behaviors & Influence™ Study (MBI™)– Bi-annual survey of 20,000+ consumers monitoring the consumption of media, products, and services
  • The ProsperChina™ Quarterly Survey – Monitors the purchasing behavior and media consumption of 15,000+ adult Chinese consumers between 18-54 years old
  • The Federal Reserve Economic Database (FRED®) – 41,000 economic time series from 38 sources


2.) Learn to use and apply new presentation tools and technologies such as Brainshark which allows you to easily streamline your organizations category updates and sales team.  Xp3 from Interactive Edge will organize big data and present your information in a single ‘interactive’ and dynamic presentation delivery platform that improves:


  • Speed to information delivery
  • Speed to discovery and insights
  • Communicate consistent and clear message
  • Add timelines & effectiveness of customer response and retail execution




So in closing, it’s a good thing to occasionally think outside the box and try new things because big data and shopper insights aren’t going to disappear.  Contact us for free trial access and we can help show you how to start solving big data.


Good Selling,


– Scott –


Scott Matthews
Managing Partner. CEO Learning Evolution







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