A Very Satisfied Partner

Farmer John, a new client of Learning Evolution, was faced with a very specific challenge. How to effectively equip front line managers with data & analytical skills in the ever changing retail landscape without bringing associates out of the field.

Learning Evolution provided the frontline managers at Farmer John with our specialized category management software. Because our solution is digitally based there was minimal downtime with no work interference, ensuring that the Farmer John associates could continue interfacing with clients. By building their knowledge, skills, and capabilities around data, we were to able help the frontline managers streamline and organize their analytical process.

Farmer John couldn’t have been happier with the results of their training. After we equipped their managers with knowledge around data and the skills to enact new analytical capabilities, they were able to see the positive results of our partnership immediately.

I spoke to Martin Chen, their Director of Business and Development, who had only great things to say about partnering with Learning Evolution. He told me that he thinks our partnership and training will “improve his company dramatically” because after the training “everyone will be speaking the same language.” He loved that it was web based so his associates could complete it on their own time, and he told me that working with the great people here at Learning Evolution was a fantastic experience.

He finished by saying that everyone at Learning Evolution he has spoken to has been very passionate and willing to go above and beyond; always personable and knowledgeable.

Thank you Martin!

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