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Learning Evolution was established in 2003 and was a leader in custom learning design and learning management hosted solutions. We built and designed unique and engaging training programs for sales teams, management and new hire training fundamentals for a range of industry and companies. It is our established history and expertise as a technology company that is a differentiator for us today.

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Over the past few years…

We’ve established packaged training content specifically in the shopper science area of Category Management. This online training content is easily accessible, scalable and a cost effective way to train and level-set an organization in the areas of shopper influence and category planning. We have designed and built 33 dynamic online training courses to align directly with the skill proficiency areas that have been identified by the Category Management Association for category management professionals and certification. These courses were designed in collaboration with elite companies, category experts and leaders in adult learning theory. Today this training content is delivered to over 40 companies in a variety of industry specifications and among both retailer and manufactures.

Today, we continue to evolve our services and technologies to drive performance and be an indispensable global learning and performance improvement partner for our clients. As a trusted advisor we can help you develop high-impact, engaging, relevant learning strategies, custom training and performance improvement tools and solutions that specifically address your core business objectives.

What you might not know
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We specialize in shopper sciences and the understanding the key points of shopper influence. Helping train teams to understand how to identify shopper insights and how to activate them.

Already a leading provider of category management training online, we also provide blended training solutions designed to guarantee our approach and commitment to focus on transforming our student’s ability to work at a higher level after they graduate from our Skill UP! Academy. We make the extra effort to elevate your team members to a higher level of performance.

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We’re happy to set you up with a trial of our available courses or provide you a demo of services and tools we have available.

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