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Quick Reference Key Calculations guide to help with demand planning

LEARNING HIGHLIGHT Joint Business Planning and Value Creation Collaborative Partnerships Description Learning programs at this level will impart skills that help managers understand the key benefits of collaboration and strategic planning. Additionally, managers will learn skill sets that help them negotiate for win-win solutions as well as develop a plan that supports achieving the stated […]

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“Category Management Best Practices White Paper” from the Category Management Association

Why read this paper? Category management is one of the most successful business processes developed in the 20th century. It is used in one form or another globally by most manufacturers and retailers representing a variety of trade classes and business verticals, especially consumer packaged goods. The retail landscape has changed dramatically since the discipline […]

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Learning Evolution has been recognized for collaborative work with our clients recently in developing ELEARNING courses using the Elucidat authoring tool. By working closely with our clients to understand their goals, their content objectives and their budgets we were able to deliver customized elearning courses that meet the challenges of delivering mobile ready training across multiple devices with a highly […]

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Join us at the CMA Conference and share your support for the future talent for the industry!

  What? We support higher education efforts to prepare students for the workplace, particularly Category Management and  Sales & Marketing roles How? We reinvest by subsidizing and offsetting learning program costs for any and all of our university partners Why? Because the more prepared students are for real-world jobs, the faster they can succeed and […]

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