Most companies today have increasing data and technology available to them. Yet 8 out of 10 companies are still not achieving desired results with this information. The reason cited by leadership most often is a gap in personnel skills. These courses around category management provide a way to quickly and effectively level-set people with an improved understanding of shopper insights and joint collaboration. Category management training gives an individual both the fundamentals and advanced skills to deliver better and actionable insights for greater opportunities from the data and tools available to them. See how category management training can benefit you.

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buyers share their internal sales data with my team and this training shows us how to organize all this data so we can see what the drivers and drags are in their stores.

– ELEARNING student survey

Category Management v2.0

What we offer that the others don’t.

We provide category management training that is both accredited by the Category Management Association for certification and flexible to meet your specific needs. Our category management training is both accessible and comprehensive, offering a full service way to help companies distribute learning tools so individuals or groups may better understand the fundamentals of interpreting data and analytics being gathered, thereby assisting companies distribute foundational training with actionable insights for their customers and products.

Industry Practitioner Based

Content developed with suppliers, retailers, academia, and consultants with real world based expertise and perspectives.


Customize course access, integration and delivery methods. Add images, company content, materials and resources.


Language translation. Courses offer specific market, retail, supplier and global perspectives.

Responsive Design

Proper responsive design to meet today’s demand for on-the-go multiple device delivery and access.

Catagory management certifications

Courses that are insightful and accredited.

These courses are the result of a collaborative effort between manufacturers, retailers, brokers and training organizations to establish and communicate the standards necessary to support the development of a more professional category management community.

Course Catalog

Certified Professional
Category Analyst

The learning objectives cover foundational industry knowledge and basic skills needed to skillfully execute as a sales or category analyst in pricing, promotion, assortment analysis, space planning and relational databases.

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Certified Professional
Category Manager

The learning objectives will cover advanced levels of all the criteria from the analyst level and explain how to conduct category reviews as a manager and cover root cause analytics, shopper behavior, retailer economics and the supply chain.

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Certified Professional
Strategic Advisor

The learning objectives cover more advanced customer relationship management, joint business planning and value creation through understanding of retailer shopper segmentation and shopper behavior, beyond their given category.

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