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It’s been an exciting year so far and a very active summer here at Learning Evolution. First, a big THANK YOU to all of our existing and new clients and partners! We truly value and appreciate your business and support.

This newsletter is the first in a series we plan to publish to help inform, communicate with, and educate our clients and partners on the latest in e-Learning trends, technologies, and tools.

Below is a quick recap of key activities that Learning Evolution has undertaken as we continue to grow and expand our services.

#1. Hormel Foods

Recently launched a new and updated Learning and Performance Support Portal with optimized search engine capability and more robust content management system (CMS) functionality. The new “One Hormel Place” platform provides an improved User Interface (UI) that makes finding useful and relevant information, presentations, insights, and training content simple. The new Portal provides improved Meta-tagging to enable a better “search and find” capability, allowing users to focus on getting what they need, rather than knowing where to find it. This advanced CMS platform will be the baseline system for all future client portal development.

Category Management Training & Certification Library

Our certified Category Management Training Library (aka “CatMan Library”) list of clients continues to grow and expand as more Suppliers and Retailers seek better ways to more rapidly build and level set the skills and knowledge in category management for their teams. For many clients, this investment in people is the key to acquiring the elusive shopper dollar.

Abbott Nutrition has successfully launched programs to category professionals and account teams across the U.S.

  • Anheuser-Busch/InBev has successfully launched internally to all category professionals in the US and is now preparing to extend the program to all independent 600+ wholesalers helping to capture mindshare and build core capabilities in the channel.
  • Kellogg’s has successfully launched and integrated the program within the Kellogg’s Sales Learning Portal to help equip the team members to be an “invaluable partner or choice” with retailers.
  • 7-Eleven is working to customize the program content to meet their specific needs and requirements and looking to launch in phase approach over the next few months.

LE Signs getAbstract Agreement

We are truly excited to announce that we have recently signed an agreement with getAbstract for integration of 36 content titles for exclusive use with our certified Category Management Library. Also included will be access to the Virtual Business Forum®, which allows category professionals and account teams to collaborate and get together virtually to share new ideas, foster innovation, and discuss best practices. Stay tuned – there is much more to come on this exciting development!

Fay Engineering University

Check out the great article in our “Partner Corner” from our client/partner Fay Engineering on how training can be used to help “reduce truck accidents.” A great article to read and consider for anyone responsible for safety training that operates a fleet of OTR trucks or uses DSD delivery systems.

Category Management in Emerging Markets

We are happy to have David Lees aboard with Learning Evolution. David recently retired from Unilever as an executive with over 30+ years of experience in training and development. He has written a great little article for Category Professionals who are interested in or responsible for building capabilities in global emerging markets. David outlines how best to prioritize your training and development budget.


Due to overwhelming demand and interest for individual training and certification options, we now offer our clients two easy and flexible subscription methods:

Option #1. Organization Licenses

Companies or schools can provide complete online access or mix and match all 33 coursework modules within an organization for maximum results. Our model offers a multiple-tier license approach with a single seat to unlimited seats (enterprise) license options. The license costs range from as low as $90 per course, to as low a few cents per user, per course. (Example an Enterprise License level with 10,000 users would be 15 cents per user, per course, per year!).

Option #2. Individual Licenses

Our new individual pricing option allows a single user or small groups of users to easily select and access just the right learning and certification track or option ideal for them. This makes it easy for individuals to get specific training and certification testing for either the CPCA, CPCM, or CPSA coursework modules.

Our business model makes it simple for our clients to administer and make our price extremely competitive. It enables our clients to integrate and extend the CatMan program’s reach beyond category professionals to include sales, sales support, finance, executives, and other client-facing team members. The annual fee includes all updates of content materials and performance support tools as well.

We’ve completed and certified all of the following Learning Programs by level:

Certified Category Management Training Library

CMA Certified Category Analyst – All 10 REQUIRED Coursework Modules are included:

1. Basic Industry Knowledge Required
2. Category Management History and Process
3. Pricing Analysis
4. Promotion Analysis
5. Assortment Analysis (basic)
6. Spreadsheet Development (basic)
7. Presentation Development (basic)
8. Syndicated Scanner Data (basic)
9. Syndicated Panel Data (basic)
10. Retailer POS Data Analysis

CMA Certified Category Manager – All 15 REQUIRED Coursework Modules are included:

1. Assortment Analysis (advanced)
2. Spreadsheet Development (advanced)
3. Presentation Development (advanced)
4. Syndicated Scanner Data (advanced)
5. Syndicated Panel Data (advanced)
6. Retailer POS Data Analysis
7. Space Management
8. Store Level Data
9. Syndicated Geo-demographic/Behavioral Data
10. Opportunity Identification for Actionable Insights
11. Root Cause Analytics
12. Comprehensive Category Reviews
13. Understanding Category Shopper Behavior
14. Leveraging Data for Basic Business Solutions
15. Retailer Economics and Supply Chain

CMA Certified Category Strategic Advisor – All 8 REQUIRED Coursework Modules are included:

1. Retailer Economics and Supply Chain (Advanced)
2. Joint Business Planning and Value Creation
3. Collaborative Partnerships
4. Consultative Category Management Communication
5. Understanding Shopper Behavior Beyond the Category
6. Retailer Shopper Segmentation
7. Leveraging Data for Advanced Shelving Solutions
8. Leveraging Data for Advanced Assortment Solutions

Thanks again, and if you have any questions or would like an online demo please let us know. Also, please see the update in this newsletter on our recent move. There you will find our new address and phone numbers.

Best regards and Good Learning!

– Scott Matthews

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