A single, searchable and organized source for training content. Easily find the most relevant content and learning materials with customized filters, #tag-based searching. Integrate your cloud based services into your home page. Customize your learning portal to meet your needs and easily organize, track and deliver your all of your content from one source.

One place to store, search and organize your training materials.

elli. Performance Portal
elli. Performance Portal

What can it do?

Elli is more than just your average LMS, it’s a digital curation and performance training management tool.

Not an LMS and providing more customization and flexibility to organize and deliver content with reporting and tracking capabilities. Organize and deliver from a single source.

  • Upload your own content

  • Search and organize tags

  • Create custom content libraries

  • One-Click course launch

  • Full tracking and reporting

  • Integrate with 3rd party LMS

  • Integrate existing tools and platforms (google drive, box, & YouTube)

key features

  • Easily find the most relevant content and learning materials with customized filters, #tag-based search.

    Dashboard feature with the ability to track and report users’ activity throughout the system.

  • Supports all content and video uploads to insures employees always up-to-date with the most informative and accurate data.

    Customized Widgets views with filter and settings for personalization.

  • Flexible privileges and security features allow delegation of maintenance tasks like content upload, user invitation, and reports access.

    Customizable User Interface that displays the users assigned items, learning, activity and progress they way they want.

  • Groups employees of with common responsibilities or departments can be grouped in teams and groups to be assigned relevant content and learning materials.

    Calendar for displaying schedule of up-coming events and learning items (i.e. classroom courses, events, webinars).

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