Empower the world to author better e-learning, faster and easier than any other platform. Leaving more time for you to focus on the content of your courses. Your brand has an image, let’s bring it to life in your next training program!

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Create, Choose or Design a learning template

Simple to use, we can create a custom learning package that fits your needs.

Trainers, team leaders and others with no previous experience of e-learning use Elucidat to quickly author enterprise-grade e-learning. Working together we will design a template that you can use with limited to no training required!

Truly make it your own

Simple to use and we can help you build a repeatable learning template.

Ensure consistent brand identity across your learning by tailoring your custom learning to match your company’s style guide. Make great looking elearning with your content! Make it more fun! Increase your engagement! Track your training. We have offer a full suite of custom learning options to help you build content and establish a framework for future learning in a mobile environment.

Who’s using elucidat?

Trusted by the industry leaders.

Companies are looking for not only the easiest way to impliment but the overall best solution. Elucidat is trusted by some of the worlds best companies.

Programs designed to fit your needs…
not vice-versa!

We’re happy to set you up with a trial of our available courses or provide you a demo of services and tools we have available.

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