Introducing SIMS: Our Newest International Reseller

We would like to announce the addition of SIMS, a Smollen Group Company, as our newest reseller partner in South Africa!

The Smollen Group was started in 1931 and employs close to 34,000 people across five continents and has a long and rich history in the FMCG goods and retail industries. SIMS was established in 1999 to provide consulting expertise, solutions, and training in category management and formed a strategic alliance with JDA software. Today SIMS has established itself as an expert and leader in the marketplace.

Together with Mike Bach, who will be actively coordinating and servicing our relationship with SIMS, we’re looking forward to astounding the South African CPG and retail industry with our online certified e-learning coursework modules. And in cooperation with the Category Management Association help to extend the reach of industry certifications worldwide.

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