Kraft Leading the Way in CPG Innovation

Kraft Pics

Learning Evolution client Kraft has long been a staple in many consumers’ pantries. Now, they are showing that it pays to adapt to a changing market. As featured in the November issue of CPGmatters, Kraft has opted to create new brands, and, in the case of MiO, entire new markets, instead of extending existing brands. MiO is the market leader in liquid add-in enhancements, despite originally being conceived as a brand extension for their Crystal Light product line. This led to the creation of what is now an industry with $800 million in annual sales, with Kraft maintaining its position at the top.

Kraft has also looked at consumer trends to determine the best method of strengthening existing brands. Philadelphia Cream Cheese was a brand that Kraft was able to revitalize, focusing on consumers’ desire for more variety in flavors, as well as a need for healthier ingredients without artificial flavors. Kraft also capitalized on this push for healthier, simpler alternatives by releasing Oscar Mayer P3, a meat, cheese and nut combination that appealed to the desire for a quick, healthy snack for when you are on-the-go. Kraft has taken the initiative to do what it takes in order to make its products the most appealing choice for consumers.

This type of innovation and forward thinking is what it takes to thrive in today’s competitive CPG foods sector. Learning Evolution is proud to have Kraft as a client, as they share our passion for innovation and improvement.


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