LE and Prosper Technologies Working to Improve CatMan Training

Prosper Technologies

Prosper Technologies, a company we have partnered with since 2012, is the brain behind the case studies featured in our Certified Category Management training program. Together, we were able to provide our learners with actual real-world consumer and shopper data and insights. Now, we are expanding that partnership to include Prosper’s Science of Influence metrics into our coursework.

Prosper’s Science of Influence metrics measure media influence as a marketing, promotion and media variable, and uses this data to quantify media influence to purchase. This unique information will now be available through our courses as a way to further bring the teachings to life. Learners will have real-world data to work with in their training, meaning the skills they learn will be actionable and applicable to their jobs.

We are always looking for ways to increase both the value of our training and the knowledge of our learners, and Prosper Technologies has been a big part of making that happen. Their insights and analytics provide immense value, and we are looking forward to a long, productive partnership.

Click here for Prosper’s announcement about this partnership, complete with a quote from our own CEO, Scott Matthews.

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