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We love hearing great feedback from our happy customers and wanted to share what they have to say:

Brock Aventino – Category Analyst – Eggland’s Best

“When researching the requirements for category management there were several options available, but only one stood out as the most comprehensive and competently-structured program, Learning Evolution.  Their product offers all 33 required courses under one roof and is officially sanctioned by the CMA as certified coursework.  As someone who has been in category management for over 10 years, I can honestly say that these courses provide strategies, lessons and tools that even the most seasoned analysts and managers will find invaluable – not to mention the supplemental materials are quite robust.  You can go at your own pace as these courses are all online and keep track of your progress so you can continue where you left off at any given time – a huge convenience and time-saver!  This product also offers scorecards and analysis of your coursework so you can gauge your improvement from a pre-assessment/post-assessment perspective.  This easily further quantifies the value of the coursework – I personally improved my average by +20 points!  Last and certainly not least is their impeccable customer service, which in today’s world is unfortunately a rarity.  Learning Evolution goes above and beyond and gets you where you need to be in category management through superior content, innovation and convenience.  I have already recommended Learning Evolution to all of my peers and co-workers and will continue to spread the word when and wherever I can.  Thank You LE!!!”

Thank you Brock, we truly value our partnership with Eggland’s Best and all our clients!

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