LE Partners with ROI to Provide Unique Solutions to Train & Develop all Levels of the Organization

With LE’s strong systems approach and ROI’s ability to bring the current knowledge and practices to life in customized training sessions, clients will reap the benefits of a truly “blended” training solution that focuses on their specific needs and applications.

Now we will be able to offer a solution that will provide certified customized e-Learning coursework in category management, that benefits not only the category teams within a company, but also serves as new-hire training, level-set knowledge across sales teams in finance and marketing, as well as offering potential for extension to channel partners with all of it blended into a classroom experience.

ROI is a competitive asset with their deep expertise in the application of advanced panel data, shopper segmentation, loyalty cards, primary research, and models. “ROI brings the very best to the table…that’s why we feel this partnership will provide cost effective and ‘street-worthy’ applications for our clients,” says our team here at LE. Our clients can be assured that the content will cover the most up to date topics relevant to their organizations.

Through this partnership LE and ROI have been awarded a project to develop business solutions for a major global CPG/ FMCG Company, specifically to create a customized blended global curriculum that leverages the partnership’s expanded abilities. It is becoming increasingly popular for companies to begin looking to standardize and economize their training and development activities globally. With the combined scale of ROI and LE we can now provide those solutions in a cost effective and timely manner.

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