Make Sure Your Company Wins the Super Bowl


While the flashy, expensive ads may be what the Super Bowl is best known for, a deeper look into the numbers reveals that this isn’t even the most important part of a Super Bowl marketing campaign. Despite an asking price of $4.5 million per 30-second spot, CPG companies have found that these ads have little effect on their bottom line by themselves. Only when coupled with in store displays and promotions do they see a big jump in sales.


Budweiser, a name many consider synonymous with the Super Bowl, has done a tremendous job in combining high-production ads with in-store marketing. Along with their signature Clydesdales appearing like clockwork every February, they put a lot of effort into creating attractive, eye-catching displays at the point of purchase. You’ve probably seen one before, a mosaic of blue and red cases of beer resembling an American flag, a quarterback, or any number of other designs. You might have even decided to pick up some Bud as a result. And therein lies the key to this strategy. Commercials and flashy ad campaigns are fun and impressive, but you have to catch the consumer at the point where they are actually making the decision on what to buy.


Many successful companies work long hours trying to determine where to place their products within the store, trying to get their products from the shelves into the shopping cart. Instead of putting your product in the aisle people expect, where it’s surrounded by competing products, get it out in the open, where it stands out and catches the eye. Space Management is a key component in Category Management, and it’s all about putting your product where the consumer wants it, when they want it. Supermarket space is at a premium, so you have to be smart in determining the ideal space, and creative in capturing their attention. This is just one of many areas that Learning Evolution covers in our CMA-certified Category Management courses, a comprehensive lesson plan that will give your team the knowledge and the skills to meet the consumer’s needs. Your team will be able to work together to develop a plan for every step of the consumer decision process. They will be able to determine who is buying your products, and where they are buying them, leading to a comprehensive plan to make your products the ideal fit for your consumers. For more information on our courses, click here.

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