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App Journey

As more of the world adopts smart phone and tablet usage, business owners and entrepreneurs are inventing mobile software that offers a more convenient way to have the customer connect with their business. Getting an app out there is a great way to tap into and get more in touch with the Millennial generation. Millennials want variety and convenience, and they want it fast. In a great article in The Wall Street Journal, Ty McMahan posted about the growing need for business to move to mobile and gave a great success story. He says: “Take Danny Abrams, owner of Manhattan’s Mermaid Inn restaurants. He was looking for a new way to educate and excite seafood lovers about oysters—a potentially confusing food with lots of different varieties. So, he launched Oysterpedia, an app that lets users learn the taste profiles of specific oysters, from beausoleil to bluepoint, and note the ones they’ve tried.” This is a great example of a business owner who knew exactly what his customers needed at the time and created an app to meet those needs. The great thing about having an app loaded to the Apple and Android stores is that they are extremely easy to access and update on the fly. Having just a website isn’t enough anymore, apps need to be pumped out to keep up with the fast paced technological culture that we live in.

In recent history, the word “application” just meant something you turn in to a future employer when applying for a position or getting into school. These days, it has a whole new meaning. We use applications, or “apps”,  for practically everything in our daily lives from shopping to finding the cheapest gas. Because of this, it makes sense that businesses in a wide variety of industries are creating apps to both get there name out there and to extend their business into the mobile stratosphere.

So what does this mean for category management and e-learning?

People in this industry are naturally busy. They have deadlines to meet, meetings to attend and trips to take. By making E-Learning software available to employees on mobile devices, an organization can maximize the reach, retention, and success of training assignments by making it fun, convenient, and engaging for the user. People love doing things quickly, conveniently, and on their own time.  Moving to mobile is a natural progression as processing power and smart phone growth continue to rise. This is something that not only makes sense to Learning Evolution, but something that we are striving to do in the future. We will continue to provide top notch E-Learning to our partners in a way that lets them dictate how and when their training occurs, allowing for increased internal communication, learning, and productivity.

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