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We specialize in shopper sciences understanding points of shopper influence. Which in turn helps our customers drive sales by understanding and activating those opportunities.

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Catagory Management

Level-setting organizations with
foundational knowledge.

Our 33 category management training courses meet all standards for industry certification as a category analyst, category manager and strategic advisor. The online courses are a great way to level set your teams and provide real world insights and perspective.

The courses are available from anywhere at any time and the learning is self-paced. We provide all students access to additional resources, glossaries, cases studies and mentor support at no additional cost.

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Shopper Marketing

Shopper marketing is more than just in-store marketing activities… It should consider all opportunities to influence and drive consumption.

As channel migration, shopper leakage and conversion continue to get more and more complex, winning CPG companies are figuring out how to leverage shopper marketing to influence the path to purchase and grow sales and shopper loyalty.

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Retail Strategy

Online training developed in partnership with global provider of end-to-end business & technology services and solutions to the Petroleum and Convenience Store industries.

By offering a proven business model for integration of retail automation technologies and marketing principles, training will position retailers to drive profitability in the convenience and petroleum retail marketplace.

Leadership Management

Online training based on the concept of “Power Entertaining” developed by America’s 1st Master Sommelier, Eddie Osterland.

People do business with people they like. You cannot afford to be naïve about food & wine… the international currency for connection! Learn from Eddie the secrets Sommeliers use to entertain others in ways they will never forget and have them want to do business with you again and again.

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