Paper or Plastic: Albertsons

Over the next few weeks we will be reviewing various grocery store mobile apps in an attempt to not only find the best out of the bunch but to also notice and identify trends in mobile convenience. Any store is up for grabs, the only stipulation is that the app must be available for both the Apple and Android markets. First up on the chopping block is the grocery giant Albertsons with their app called “Albertsons Mkt.”

This is what Albertsons has to say about their own app:

Simple navigation
• Browse weekly specials to see current pricing and sale dates and add them to your grocery list
• Add any item to your list with the text option
• Shopping list is separated into categories for easy in-store use
• View product photos to make it easy to find items on the shelf as you shop in our store
• Check items off your list as you place them in your cart
• The grocery list on the app stays in sync with your list on
• Email your list and task someone else to do the shopping for you
• So much more!

So is the actual experience everything they say it is? Well, yes and no. There are many things to like about this app, with one holding it back from being a true all-star.

First things first, the app is quick. Transitions are zippy; loading times are minimal. The ability to create shopping lists on the go is something very convenient and is one of the main attractions to the app. Email is integrated well, enabling you to send your list(s) to multiple places or people with ease. It also has the added bonus of acting like a real virtual list while you are walking around the store, complete with options to check off items you’ve picked out and highlight ones you still have yet to find. In fact, everything that has to do with the actual items on the shelves works perfectly, but that is where the functionality seemingly ends.

Recently Albertsons lost the contract with their in house pharmacy, so the Rx aspect of the app is no more. This has caused a lot of people to abandon the app and the app score to plummet. Just like with every other app out there, there are tons more that do the exact same thing. A lot of people had the Albertsons app downloaded because it was the only one that would communicate with their pharmacy. Without this; however, getting an app that tracks multiple grocery stores at one time is vastly more convenient. If Albertsons wants to keep their App on the top of the charts, they better either take this non-functioning part of the app away or restore its original functionality.

Still, it’s a great app for what it is and is a lot less buggy than some of the other grocery store apps out there.

LE gives Albertsons Mkt a 3/5

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