Paper or Plastic: Ralphs

Last week we took a look at the passable Albertsons app for iOS and Android and we were satisfied; however, we simply needed more to commit to a particular grocery store application. More of what, you ask? In this day and age everyone and everything you can imagine has an app. There’s a app on how to brush teeth properly with a manual brush and an app for learning how to tie your shoes. If an app is to stand out from the crowd it needs to do more than just operate smoothly and give a basic experience; it needs to wow. This is exactly what the Ralphs Grocery Store app does. It takes the usual and blends it with some special additions that make it an all-star.

Here is what Kroger (the umbrella corporation under which Ralphs is owned) has to say about their product:

The Ralphs App puts convenience and savings at your fingertips. Simply download the app, create an account and register your Ralphs Shopper’s Card to take advantage of all these great benefits:
Load online coupons directly to your Shopper’s Card and your shopping list.
View Weekly Ads and quickly add Weekly Ad items to your shopping list.
Refill your Ralphs Pharmacy prescriptions directly from your phone or tablet. Type or scan your prescription number and select your Pharmacy to schedule a convenient pickup time.
Check your fuel points and view your rewards history.
Use the store locator to find stores and fuel centers nearby.

How does all this pan out? Let’s take a look:

Before we get into the features, I would just like to say that the app runs perfectly. It is smooth and responsive and never crashed. It also, like most grocery store apps, has the ability to create and store shopping lists. All of that is important but I wanted to spend time going over some of the things that make this app different, so lets dive into it.

Right off the bat, the ability to load coupons onto your shopper loyalty card from the app itself is a lifesaver. I usually take 5 or 6 coupons to the store when I do my weekly shopping, and this aspect of the app takes away the busywork of finding a physical coupon, cutting it out, and taking it with me to the store. It’s already loaded on. Convenient and environmentally conscious at the same time. What’s not to like?

Now on to the Pharmaceutical aspect of the app. This was one of our (and the many people who downloaded from the app store) biggest problems with the Albertsons app from last week. Being able to refill your prescriptions and pick them up ready to go is an invaluable tool. Everyone knows that the pharmacy takes an extravagant amount of time to throw pills in a bottle, and with this app you can spend all that time doing one of the other hundred billion things you need to do throughout the day.

Finally, the third tool that sets Ralphs apart is the ability to check for Shell gas stations near by. Why is this important? If you didn’t know, when you shop at Ralphs and use your card at the check out counter, you rack up these points which can be used at Shell gas stations to take off 20c/per gallon at the pumps. WOW! That is fantastic. Some more grocery stores like Vons are adopting this with other gas companies but Ralphs with the first to do it and at the time of this posting, the only grocery store that lets you search for them on an app.

All of these things add up to a fantastic app; one that not only helps out with shopping but with saving you time and money inside the grocery store and out. Not only other grocery companies but companies in any faucet of the market should look to this app for ideas when designing their own

Number of people who have downloaded this app at the time of this posting: 60, 000

LE gives Ralphs a 5/5

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