Scholarship Winner Gets Certified!!!

CMA Certification Levels
Learning Evolution is VERY pleased to announce that our most recent Learning Evolution Scholarship winner has obtained CMA certification at ALL 3 LEVELS, CPCA, CPCM and even CPSA! The recipient, the Manager of Category Management Insights for a major US grocery retailer, had great things to say about the course design and the certification process.

In regards to the course design: “Learning Evolution’s Category Management eLearning courses are very well designed and easy-to-use. I found their logical sequence helpful because the Pre-Assessment not only measured my knowledge going in, but also gave me familiarity with the course’s focal points before actually taking the course and then successfully passing a Post-Assessment to demonstrate my mastery of the subject.”

In regards to the certification process: “Learning Evolution – in collaboration with the CMA – provided an easy-to-understand learning plan for me to complete the courses necessary to fill my skill and knowledge gaps. Additionally, one of the things that stood out for me and was very much appreciated was the level of support from expert practitioners when needed. Overall, a very well-designed, easy-to-understand training program that helped me become a Certified Professional Strategic Advisor.”

Our goal is to not only help our users obtain certification, but to improve knowledge and help them to Skill UP!™. Our coursework is designed to create lasting, actionable knowledge in our users, allowing them to improve job performance and see real results. For more information about our services and how to get a free trial, click HERE.

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