The Value of Case Studies in Learning Programs

Here at Learning Evolution (LE) we plan to add value to our offerings with the inclusion of case studies in our learning programs. We see this as a way to greatly improve upon the training process, mainly as a way to relate information to real world examples. There is much research that indicates students are becoming more inductive than deductive reasoners. This means that students actually learn more effectively and retain more information when examples are used instead of logical development that starts with basic principles (the more conventional approach).

At LE we plan to incorporate case studies into all three of our CMA certified category management tracks, CPCA, CPCM, and CPSA. The result will be students who are actively engaged in figuring out the principles by abstracting from the examples. This will develop skills in problem solving, coping with ambiguities and decision making in complex situations. The case study is best used for demonstrating the how and why questions being asked through real life situations. At LE we see the inclusion of case studies as an added value to our offering that will allow us to continue to be an indispensable global learning and performance improvement solutions partner for all of our clients.

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