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3 Habits For Back-To-School Shopping


More than half of all back-to-school shopping is done in department stories says Learning Evolution, the St Louis-based retail training specialist.

The study, which puts departmental sales at 57% for back to school shopping, is the result of  a syndicated dataset with over 400 key data points, collected over 17 years from 2.5 million survey respondents.

The Learning Evolution Insights Center information, powered by Prosper Insights & Analytics,  allows users to view specific retailers’ shopper bases, competitors’ shoppers as well as demographic segmentation..

Here are 3 habits for back-to-school shopping as shared by parents.

The top choice for female back-to-school shoppers is discount stores while, millennials frequent departmental stores the most.

back-to-school shopping habits
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The study also shows that the current economic climate has 32% of the respondents on the lookout for sales while 27% are online, doing comparative shopping. Surprisingly, 28% of the participants’ back-to-school shopping remains unchanged.

economic impact on back-to-school shopping
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And when does all this shopping happen? Well, according to the insights, 46% are fairly organized, doing their shopping three weeks to one month before school starts while 3% do their back-to-school shop only once the kids are … back-to-school.

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About the Learning Evolution Insight Center

The Learning Evolution Insights Center’s information allows users to view specific retailer shopper bases, competitor shoppers as well as segment by demographic. This allows you to segment to the point of identifying the traits of Hispanic mothers or a Kroger Shopper millennial with a household income of $50k+.

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