CatMan BootCamp


The Category Management BootCamp is designed for building the primary skills needed to be effective at reading data and telling the appropriate stories to your internal and external customers.  Without foundation skills in Pricing, Promotion, Presentation, Analysis, Data…you cannot expect to deliver insights in today’s CPG environments.

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Skill UP!™ Category Management BootCamp

Virtual training brought to you by Learning Evolution Master Black Belts

Who Should Attend:

  1. People entering Category Management roles for the first time within a retailer, manufacturer or broker organization
  2. People who are in other functional roles but want a good understanding of Category Management and how it benefits the business
  3. Students aspiring to join a Consumer-Packaged Goods company in a Category Management role

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain foundational knowledge of Category Management as a business discipline
  • Learn about the basic activation “levers” for Category Management
  • Understand some key Category Management best practices
  • Build confidence knowing how Category Management can help the business

How The BootCamp Works:

  • Foundational Knowledge: This program will help you gain a quick understanding of some key fundamentals and best practices for winning with Category Management
  • 100% Virtual: Over the course of four weeks, you will increase your knowledge and understanding right from the comfort of your own workspace because this is a virtual program delivered to you through online shared folders and web-conference meetings
  • Training Techniques: This program combines several learning methods that have proven to be effective at building knowledge and confidence. These techniques include:
    • E-Learning: Self-paced learning via high fidelity, high quality e-learning modules. Each module includes a pre-assessment, the learning module itself along with a companion study guide, a post-assessment, and a transcript of course completion
    • Critical Thinking Questions: Real world scenarios that challenge you to respond to situations and consider what you would do as well as how it applies to your current company and product categories
    • Group Discussions: Every week, we will get together to discuss what we could and should do in certain situations to leverage Category Management as a means to protect and grow the business.  Additionally, your instructor will provide feedback, perspective and suggestions on that week’s assignments to help you think more effectively in those situations.
  • Graduation and Recognition: All participants who successfully complete this BootCamp will receive a certificate of completion and the Skill UP! BootCamp badge, plus exclusive discounts on other Skill UP! training resources that will help you build additional knowledge, skills, abilities and confidence, including:
    • Resources for Individuals:
      • Additional e-learning courses
      • Practice Certified Professional Category Analyst test


Enrollment activities o   Category Management knowledge assessment

o   User credentials for system access

o   Kickoff, orientation

Week 1 activities o   E-Learning course: Category Management History and Process

o   Critical thinking question: The Value of Category Management

o   Group discussion: How Does Category Management Help Us Gain a Seat at the Table?

Week 2 activities o   E-Learning course: Syndicated Scanner Data Basics

o   Critical thinking question: The Consumer Value Chain

o   Group discussion: Where do you start and what should you focus on?

Week 3 activities o   E-Learning course: Syndicated Panel Data Basics

o   Critical thinking question: Identifying Sales Trend Drivers

o   Group discussion: What is the best analytic approach to use?

Week 4 activities o   E-Learning course: Comprehensive Category Reviews

o   Critical thinking question: Telling Stories from Data

o   Group discussion: Five Tips for Effective Presentations?


Value-Added Tool-Kit For Participants:

  • e-Learning study guides
  • CatMan process steps
  • CatMan strategies
  • CatMan category roles
  • CatMan scorecard template
  • Syndicated scan data volume decomposition model
  • Syndicated panel data volume decomposition model
  • Tips for 4 P’s retail execution excellence

Additional information

Bootcamp dates

12 July 2019, 9 August 2019, 13 September 2019, 8 November 2019