Certified Professional Category Manager Program


The Certified Professional Category Manager training program promotes the ability to develop comprehensive category reviews that utilize scanner data and household panel data and analytics to identify and prioritize retailer opportunities. These courses will help to develop the skills required as a category manager including; strategy development, tactics development, assortment rationalization and shopper marketing initiatives. All of these are skills and required components of successful category plans in virtually every category in every retailer. These courses assist the professional category manager to fully understand category reviews and comprehend root cause analytics, shopper behavior, retailer economics and the supply chain.


DEVELOPED IN COLLABORATION WITH Leading CPG retailers, manufacturers, and industry experts

TIMELINE approximately 15 hours of learning content

Program Syllabus

  • Assortment Analysis (advanced)
  • Spreadsheet Development (advanced)
  • Presentation Development (advanced)
  • Syndicated Scanner Data (advanced)
  • Syndicated Panel Data (advanced)
  • Retailer POS Data Analysis (advanced)
  • Space Management
  • Store Level Data
  • Syndicated Geo-demographic/Behavioral Data
  • Opportunity Identification for Actionable Insights
  • Root Cause Analytics
  • Comprehensive Category Reviews
  • Understanding Category Shopper Behavior
  • Leveraging Data for Basic Business Solutions
  • Retailer Economics and Supply Chain (basic)
  • Pre & Post Assessment for each module
  • Individual Scorecards
  • Downloadable Resources: Key calculations guide, key terms glossary, access to data insights center, access to subject matter expert support.

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