Core Shopper Marketing Course Bundle



  • The History of Manufacturing
  • The Age of the Shopper
  • The $200 Billion Crime
  • What Is Shopper Marketing?
  • Three Different Customers
  • The Five Step Process
  • An Example of the Five-Step Process
  • Implications of the Five-Step Process



These courses will help you draw relevant conclusions about the history of manufacturing.  You will learn about the three major changes we’ve seen over the past few decades and how these changes have established that “the age of the shopper” is now.  How to calculate the percentage of promotional investment that loses money, and how to change existing rules of consumer goods marketing.  This course will define and unpack the essence of shopper marketing, as well as debunk common shopper marketing myths  How to redefine the consumer goods business model from the perspective of three different customers.  You will gain comprehensive insight into the five step process of the Total Marketing Model.  How to use the five steps to increase sales in unexpected and systematic ways. The implications and impact that the five step process will have on your company.