GS1 Foundations Certificate Course


Are you new to GS1 Standards or need a refresher?

This online certificate training covers the foundational aspects of globally unique product identification and barcoding with GS1 Standards. Learn how to use your GS1 Company Prefix to create GS1 identifiers for products; build trade item hierarchies; and use the most common GS1 barcodes in accordance with industry best practices. You will also gain a basic understanding of the Package Measurement Rules and the GTIN Management Standard to help you apply GS1 Standards properly to your business processes.


Six Web-based Modules — Learn at your Own Pace and Convenience

The GS1 Foundations Online Certificate course consists of the following six self-paced modules:

  1. Overview of GS1 Standards (10-min)
  2. How to Use Your Company Prefix (30-min)
  3. How to Create and Manage Your GTINs (45-min)*
  4. How to Barcode Your Products (45-min)*
  5. Package Measurement Rules (120-min)*
  6. GTIN Management Standard (60-min)*

*Accredited by the Category Management Association

Time duration:

Approximate time to complete the Foundations Certificate Course series is six hours. An assessment is administered during the online training to test knowledge of the key takeaways.


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