GS1 Standards for DSCSA Suppliers Online Certificate Course



This course will help you prepare for Phase 2 of DSCSA requirements that pharmaceutical products be marked with a National Drug Code (NDC)**, serial number, lot number, and expiration date in both machine-readable and human-readable format.


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This course is designed to help prepare pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and repackagers for DSCSA implementation

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Have Questions About DSCSA?

1. Do you know the key DSCSA milestones? 

2. Do you know how you can use your NDC Labeler Code as part of your GS1 Company Prefix?

3. Do you know how to use Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) to identify your lowest sellable units and homogeneous cases?

4. Do you know which GS1 Data Carriers meet DSCSA guidelines?

5. Do you know how to use GS1 Application Identifiers for product identification & marking?

6. Do you know how to use Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) for DSCSA data exchange requirements?

The GS1 Standards for DSCSA Dispensers Online Certificate Course includes 6 modules that guide you in learning about the application and use of GS1 Standards for DSCSA requirements.

  • GS1® Overview
  • GS1 Healthcare US®
  • Overview DSCSA and Timeline
  • GS1 Barcodes that can be used for DSCSA
  • Scanning and interpreting GS1 Barcodes  for DSCSA Information
  • Capturing and exchanging information for DSCSA

What this course covers?

  • Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) overview and key milestones
  • The GS1 System of Standards and how it relates to DSCSA
  • Scanning Supplier’s GS1 Data Carriers to capture DSCSA information
  • How to recognize the Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) on Supplier’s Products and Homogeneous Cases
  • How to recognize required product information in Supplier’s barcodes using GS1 Application Identifiers
  • How Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) is used to facilitate DSCSA data exchange

Time duration: Approximate time to complete the course is one and a half hours. An assessment is administered during the online training to test knowledge of the key takeaways. You will have unlimited access to the course for one year from the time of purchase