Sales Fundamentals Program


This series of accredited category management training courses are ideal for newly hired employees, new in-position Category Analyst or those aspiring to enter into or grow their CPG career.  These courses solidify category knowledge and lay the foundation for success in the category management field by emphasizing industry knowledge, history, and basic data analysis.


THE SALES FUNDAMENTALS PROGRAM WAS DEVELOPED IN COLLABORATION WITH Leading CPG retailers, manufacturers, and industry experts

TIMELINE approximately 6-12 months

Sales Fundamentals Program Syllabus

  • Basic Industry Knowledge
  • Category Management History and Process
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Promotion Analysis
  • Assortment Analysis (Basic)
  • Syndicated Scanner Data
  • Space Management
  • Leveraging Basic Data Solutions
  • Pre & Post Assessment for each module
  • Individual Scorecards
  • Downloadable Resources: Key calculations guide, key terms glossary, access to data insights center, access to subject matter expert support.

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