Beyond just the theoretical. Practical skills for the win


It is tough to stand out in the job market.  Academic and theoretical knowledge are no longer the silver bullet for getting employed.

student success
Dr. Robert Paul Jones (Source: Texas Tech University)

It’s a fact which Robert Paul Jones, Department Chair Associate Professor at Texas Tech University reiterates: “Students are entering a highly competitive work environment today. Taking courses, even Category Management courses, do not always demonstrate sufficient knowledge and skill mastery to employers.”

However, there is still opportunity as demonstrated by a recent graduate, Sarah Lawrence who was snapped up by JCPenney in almost no time after graduating from Texas Tech’s Hospitality and Retail Management Masters Program in December 2018.

So, what is the secret to employment success?

Based on his experience, Robert explains why some graduates succeed whilst others flounder: “Students who demonstrate elevated and specific skills stand out and improve their employability.”

He expands: “Learning Evolution’s Category Management modules for the Certified Professional Category Analyst program provide the requisite skill and mastery that are understood and respected by industry leaders.”

Category Analyst program
Learning Evolution’s Category Management modules for the Certified Professional Category Analyst program

“These modules have proven to be a critical factor in making our students the preferred hire by employers. Because of them, our students can demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills that employers need,” he concludes.

Sarah Lawrence, who accepted a position within JCPenney’s Business Analyst Training program, adds that the company was particularly impressed with her category analyst certification after she completed the certificate program.

She adds: “It was a fantastic opportunity to be able to participate in the Category Management Advisor Certification program as a graduate student in Hospitality and Retail Management at Texas Tech.”

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