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Retail sales professionals Learning Evolution

Retail Sales Professionals Win With This Process

Retail sales professionals are operating in an increasingly demanding marketplace. To succeed, sales teams need to communicate with their customers in a way that clearly identifies their priorities. Your customers’ objectives need to be clear and concise. Solutions should align with organizational and customer goals. Whilst natural aptitude should not be discounted, the sales profession…

Category management process

The 8 Step Category Management Process

The category management process typically consists of eight steps. These eight steps provide a systematic approach for you to utilize and apply to each and every product in a store. But before we talk further to this process, perhaps we should understand the function of category management. Category Management can be described as the primary…

Insights for Category Management Best Practice

Why read this White Paper? Category management is one of the most successful business processes developed in the 20th century. It is used in one form or another globally by most manufacturers and retailers representing a variety of trade classes and business verticals, especially consumer packaged goods. The retail landscape has changed dramatically since the…