Data Storytelling

Effective storytelling

Do They See What You See? Get To Grips On Effective Storytelling.

  Are your recommendations going ignored? Are you stumbling when trying to get others to see what you see? Is your storytelling ineffective? The good news is you are not alone. The better news is we know why. Most people are not very good storytellers, and they fall short in effectively communicating their recommendations. Here are…

Win With Your Promotions At Walmart, Learning Evolution, Category Management Training

Win With Your Promotions At Walmart

  Close to 70% of Walmart shoppers say advertising on shelves has little to no influence on their purchase decision. That’s a jaw-dropping statistic and something worth looking into if you want to win with your promotions at Walmart. Advertising placed on shopping carts fair even worse, with almost 90% of the respondents saying this form…

Data Analytics Skills

Effective Analytics Hampered By Data Analytics Skills

  What is keeping organizations from effectively using data analytics? According to Harvard Business Review (HBR), close to 50% of respondents complain staff have poor data analytics skills when interpreting and using analytics which is proving a major stumbling block for growth. The Uncovering the keys to becoming truly analytics-driven research, sponsored by Mastercard, consulted…