Category Management, Learning Evolution

4 Weeks To Better Category Management

The CPG industry is changing. There is a demand for transparency, coupled with the digital age and consumers who are hungry for knowledge about what they are consuming. This means that those in Category Management need to up their game! In fact, Nielsen forecasts that grocery, drug, and mass merchandise CPG retail will decline 1%…

Retail sales professionals Learning Evolution

Retail Sales Professionals Win With This Process

Retail sales professionals are operating in an increasingly demanding marketplace. To succeed, sales teams need to communicate with their customers in a way that clearly identifies their priorities. Your customers’ objectives need to be clear and concise. Solutions should align with organizational and customer goals. Whilst natural aptitude should not be discounted, the sales profession…

Shopper Marketing Process Learning Evolution

Master Shopper Marketing Using 5 Steps

Effective shopper marketing is becoming increasingly important to growth at the tills. Shoppers find themselves in the driver’s seat as the power shifts leaving manufacturers and marketers in the dust. (Learn more on this in the Age of the Shopper, which can be taken as part of our Core Shopper Marketing course or as part…