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Demand Planning: A quick reference guide to key calculations

Joint Business Planning and Value Creation
Collaborative Partnerships


Learning programs at this level will impart skills that help managers understand the key benefits of collaboration and strategic planning. Additionally, managers will learn skill sets that help them negotiate for win-win solutions as well as develop a plan that supports achieving the stated goals.


Our learning programs focus on some of the following areas…

  • Explain the importance and benefits of collaboration
  • Identify comprehensive category management strategies and objectives
  • Determine synergy between retailer and manufacturers strategies and objectives
  • Negotiate for mutually beneficial solutions
  • Build a business plan to achieve agreed upon goals
  • Describe how retailers and manufacturers collaborate most effectively
  • Develop collaborative recommendations that deliver win-win outcomes for all
  • Articulate key methods of influencing others
  • Build productive relationships (i.e. trust among collaborators)
  • Effectively influence others
  • Effectively handle concerns, questions and objections
  • Mobilize people and resources to execute strategy and tactics

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