Data Analytics Skills

Effective Analytics Hampered By Data Analytics Skills


What is keeping organizations from effectively using data analytics?

According to Harvard Business Review (HBR), close to 50% of respondents complain staff have poor data analytics skills when interpreting and using analytics which is proving a major stumbling block for growth.

The Uncovering the keys to becoming truly analytics-driven research, sponsored by Mastercard, consulted 744 business executives around the world in a variety of industries.

With businesses placing more importance on analytics, data tops the list of investment priorities.

However, HBR says that only 18% of the respondents say their organizations are getting a sufficient return on their investment in analytics.

Data is readily available in abundance. However, as little as a quarter of the respondents claim their executives consistently use analytics in strategic decision-making.

Equally concerning is that when the executives use “gut feel”, it contradicts the insights derived from the analytics,  compared to only 15% who emphatically stated they relied on the analytics.

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