Effective storytelling

Do They See What You See? Get To Grips On Effective Storytelling.


Are your recommendations going ignored? Are you stumbling when trying to get others to see what you see? Is your storytelling ineffective? The good news is you are not alone. The better news is we know why.

Most people are not very good storytellers, and they fall short in effectively communicating their recommendations. Here are the most common failings:

The Analytic framework. Identify actionable insights

To tell a compelling story, you need to answer the three WHATs of the analytic framework.

  • WHAT –  Mine the data to unearth what happened and why
  • SO WHAT – Understand the business implications, like are there risks or perhaps even opportunities?
  • NOW WHAT – Action time. Plan for business improvement and growth.

If you fail to answer all three WHATs in a way that helps the retailer connect the dots, the interest of the retailer will not be captured and your recommendations are likely to be ignored.

Shopper insights


What are shopper insights really? Do you fully understand what insights are of importance to the retailer and how to present this research?



If you fail to deliver data that grabs the retailer’s attention, they will have little to no reason to care. So why would they take any action?

Your insights need to deliver a metaphorical punch. They have to incite a reaction.

Create the linkages

At the end of the day, the all-important question – “What does this mean to me?” -should be applied to almost any situation, and this is no different.

You have to show the retailer what the insights mean TO THEM.  Articulate how they will benefit. Where is their opportunity? If you are not explicit in stating how the insights link to opportunity, the retailer will not pursue the recommendations.

Paint a picture

Just how much greener is the grass on the other side? You need to dazzle the retailer and demonstrate the difference between the current state and what could be.

If you fail to effectively contrast the current state versus a better future state, the mandatory action steps will just seem like a whole lot of work … for not very much gain.


Be authentic

You can not come across as being self-serving. If you do, you are pretty much dead in the water.

It is imperative that you frame the presentation in a way that addresses the retailers’ perspective. Put yourself in their shoes and genuinely cater to their agenda and objectives.

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