How to customize your category management training program

Make your Category Management training flexible to meet different job roles and functions

Are you are looking for ways to deliver training in category management? Do you have a diverse team at various skill level and need to deliver training that can assist individuals to further develop skills in data, insights, space management, building collaborative partnerships and more? If yes, then you most likely need a program to be flexible and one that can be delivered easily and cost effectively to a large audience.   You should consider if an e-learning program of foundational coursework can be utilized to meet those needs.

Our research shows the most successful organizations utilize elearning by allowing people to take training that is best suited for them. Creating a custom mix of courses is easy and we’ll be happy to share some industry best practices to show you how you can build a suite of courses for your team!

  1. Identify your competency model
  2. Assess your people and their current capabilities
  3. Find a program to level set and elevate your people
  4. Customize that program to meet the needs of your people based on job role, function and capabilities
  5. Put a framework in place that builds knowledge through a repeatable and flexible process