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Profits Team At NBWA Annual Convention

According the the August 2018 Beer Purchaser’s, beer orders are on the rise so it stands to reason that beverage sales teams should take advantage and put their best foot forward to ensure high profits.

One of the best beverage sales trainers in the US, Tom Fox, developed the best-in-class PROFITS program some years ago.

Now established, Learning Evolution, who is an accredited trainer and partner with Tom Fox, will be in at the NBWA Annual Convention from 23 to 26 September.

If you are heading there, let’s connect!  You can also pop into our booth. It’s the perfect opportunity to chat about how PROFITS can take your beverage sales team to the next level.




Our PROFITS training is best described as specialized beverage sales training for craft beverages and more. Learn and benefit from the insight offered by our industry pro and partner Tom Fox.

89% of the people that have taken one of our PROFITS programs say that the content met or exceeded their expectations, according to a recent survey.

What can you learn?

At the NBWA Annual Convention, Tom will present on the importance of developing sales people consistently and constantly.

Sales team development can’t be an occasional occurrence. It needs to be a continuous everyday activity.  

And it is possible, despite the demands on your sales reps and managers. Tom will show you how to incorporate a blended approach to developing people that will transforms your company’s culture.

Whether you’re attending the conference or not and want to know more about our PROFITS training, sign up for a PROFITS demo and stand the chance to win a Titleist golf bag.

Our PROFITS training span three competencies:

  1. Sales Process: Here you learn to develop and present objective, fact-based solutions that align with customer needs and build solid lasting relationships.
  2. Key Account Leadership: This will help you to insure that your Key Account Team is able to identify and sell-in executable solutions via compelling presentations that get results.
  3. Coaching and leadership: Learn a comprehensive approach to building and developing capabilities that helps your team close more sales.

92% of the participants surveyed say that they would happily recommend PROFITS training to their colleagues or friends in the industry.

Our goal is simple. We want to help you gain confidence, improve how you sell and be the best on the street! We hope to see you at the convention. Either way, don’t forget to book your demo to stand a chance to win that Titleist bag!