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Retail Sales Professionals Win With This Process

Retail sales professionals are operating in an increasingly demanding marketplace.

To succeed, sales teams need to communicate with their customers in a way that clearly identifies their priorities. Your customers’ objectives need to be clear and concise. Solutions should align with organizational and customer goals.

Whilst natural aptitude should not be discounted, the sales profession should be approached in a manner that is analytical and process-driven.

Research conducted by Tom Fox and CM Profit Group reveals a seven-step process for specialized beverage sales training that results in highly capable retail sales professionals.

In a nutshell, the process can be broken down into the acronym PROFITS.


It is all too easy to assume relationship marketing is enough. It is not! You need to prepare for each and every meeting you attend with retailers. Prepare your objectives. Deliver fact-based solutions that align with the retailer’s needs and goals. Preparation is vital to successful sales professionals and teams.


Look for in-store tactical opportunities. By taking the time to do a recon, you are arming yourself as a retail sales professional with knowledge and finding openings for unexplored opportunities.

Ongoing confirmation

Never assume to know what your retailer wants or their customer goals are. Ask questions. Be empathic. Create an environment that encourages collaboration. Review and use ongoing confirmation.

Empathy selling is a concept that our students find real value in. When asked for feedback on the benefits of our PROFITS training, empathy selling is a top mention.

Flawless Presentation

In a word – compel! You need to be compelling. Use fact-based benefits. Talk to your customer’s objectives and goals. To inspire confidence, you must preset flawlessly. Know your product, the selling points and why your product will meet your client’s objectives.

Iron Out Objections

Every sales professional will encounter resistance. The manner in which you meet this resistance is what may set you apart from the crowd. You need to be resilient. Acknowledge any concerns and use the opportunity to redirect to your client’s need. Prepare and present an implementation strategy to iron out any objections.

Thank You

When it comes time to close a sale, remain gracious. Thank your client and take the opportunity to set up your next appointment.


Once a sale has been closed, your work is not done. It is vital to service the client, remain trustworthy and ensure that their goals and objectives are top of mind and achieved.

To learn more about this process and our specialized beverage sales training, consider our PROFITS sales program. It will teach you how to win in sales as well as deliver a high level of proficiency.

A recent survey revealed that 86% of the professionals that have completed or are currently taking this sales course would happily recommend it to their industry contacts.

With our PROFITS sales program, you will gain key skills and competencies in fact-based selling, effective communication, and day-to-day practices.

Overall, our program will ensure that you sell better and build long-lasting advisory relationships with your customers.

Over 85% of the students who participated in the recent survey found value in our content, with close to a third saying the sales training exceeded their expectations.

Other specialized retail training programs include key account leadership and sales coaching leadership. If you would like to learn more, please contact us at (email)