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Too many sales leaders focus on the wrong outcomes


Truly effective sales teams are critical for any organization looking to thrive. Managers and supervisors constantly look for ways to ensure that their teams are up to snuff. However, the majority make some serious leadership mistakes.

A leading mistake is a single-minded focus on motivation. Leaders should know that motivation alone is not enough. A more comprehensive approach is required.

So what else should supervisors and managers do to maximize their teams’ results?

In addition to motivation, leaders should provide direction and support to their sales teams. This helps the teams to build sales process capability and professionalism with all members of the sales team.

It’s no easy feat, there are nine critical techniques will help leaders get their teams across the winning line. These techniques, if mastered, will ensure that the sales team is productive and focused on continuous improvement and performance.

Another problematic approach is highlighted by Tom Fox of Fox Sales Coaching, who is a nationally recognized leader in retail sales and category management for the beverage industry. He expands: “Too many people concentrate on outcomes when they should be more concerned with their systems and identities.”

Consistently, Constantly Develop Your Sales People
Tom Fox of Fox Sales Coaching presenting at the NBWA Annual Convention

Sound familiar?

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Key takeaways include:

  • Understand the nine critical techniques that every sales person needs to master to maximize sales
  • Understand what questions your managers must ask before and after each sales call and during work-withs to secure buy-in from your sales team on what they need to improve
  • A tool kit and a “how to” game plan for your managers to bring to your operation to implement Sales Coaching Certification program in your sales department
  • A balanced approach to sales management that focuses equally on achieving the highest levels of performance plus maintaining a culture that is focused on continually building staff capability.

A recent survey of this course’s participants shows that 86% of the professionals that completed or are currently taking the sales course would happily recommend it to their industry contacts.

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