Selling process

Win with this selling process


In order to thrive in the industry, beverage sales professionals need a selling process that is analytical and process-driven.

Research conducted by Tom Fox and CM Profit Group reveals a seven-step process for specialized beverage sales training that results in highly capable retail sales professionals.

In a nutshell, the selling process can be broken down into the acronym PROFITS.

Watch Jim Caleca, our Sales Director, expand on this process.



If you are in the Chicago area, have a look at our workshop dates where Tom will be conducting in-person training.  in addition to the 2-days of training, you’ll receive the PROFITS Online training program and live and recorded webinars to support your progress well beyond the classroom training for 12 months!

A recent survey revealed that 86% of the professionals that have completed or are currently taking our sales course would happily recommend it to their industry contacts.

With our PROFITS sales program, you will gain key skills and competencies in fact-based selling, effective communication, and day-to-day practices.

Overall, our program will ensure that you sell better and build long-lasting advisory relationships with your customers.

Over 85% of the students who participated in the recent survey found value in our content, with close to a third saying the sales training exceeded their expectations