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Win With Your Promotions At Walmart


Close to 70% of Walmart shoppers say advertising on shelves has little to no influence on their purchase decision. That’s a jaw-dropping statistic and something worth looking into if you want to win with your promotions at Walmart.

Advertising placed on shopping carts fair even worse, with almost 90% of the respondents saying this form of promotion has little to no effect on what they decide to buy.

These insights come from the Learning Evolution Insights Center, powered by Prosper Insights & Analytics.

The insights center allows users to view specific retailers’ shopper bases, competitors’ shoppers as well as demographic segmentation.

Walmart shoppers were asked to rate whether or not each type of promotion is likely to influence or not influence their purchasing decisions.

Source: Prosper Insights & Analytics

In the study, respondents were asked to rate the influence of the activity, with “1” meaning “no influence” and “5” meaning “greatly influence”.  

The graph shows the promotional influence score.  The score is calculated by subtracting the sum of the percentage of respondents who indicated one and two on the five-point scale from the sum of the percentage of respondents who indicated four and five on the five-point scale.

Floor graphics and in-store radio are other promotional activities that don’t give much bang for buck. In both cases, the results for these channels showed less than 17% of the respondents thought this promotional spend was effective.

However, the activities that do seem to get Walmart shoppers on-side are loyalty cards, online and shelf coupons as well as in-store product samples.

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