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At Learning Evolution we offer category management training programs accredited by the Category Management Association for certification. Our focus is on shopper sciences and training to help individuals and teams learn how to better influence shoppers to buy, to buy more frequently and buy more on each occasion. Over the past years, we have continuously worked with our clients to understand their needs and provide simple training solutions to meet their unique needs. We’re flexible and offer you a platform resource for your entire business, from packaged courses to custom training design and mobile delivery. Whether you’re looking for training content to better recognize the points of shopper influence or how to design superior custom content for your mobile learners, Learning Evolution helps make training easier and more fun to drive more sales.

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Category Management

Understand points of shopper influence.

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Shopper Marketing

Gain insights to drive sales.

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Build speed to competency with your team.

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Blended Learning

Flexibility to meet all your needs.

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Custom Learning

Elevate your training content.

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Mobile Design

Working and learning anywhere and anytime.

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Deliver fun and heathy competition.

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Learning Platforms

Organize learning & manage team content.

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Fill knowledge and skill gaps with effective training solutions.

Whether it’s for new hire orientation training or in position job advancement, keeping employee knowledge and skills current or achieving industry certifications is the best way to ensure continued success. Learning Evolution has been developing targeted adult learning solutions that are engaging and high impact for over a decade.

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A framework to meet traditional training challenges.

Typically associates attend some training or take a few online training courses and then return to their daily routines. To address the challenges of the “forgetting curve” and real world application of skills, requires for the right set of tools in the training tool bag. Repetition, variety and reinforcement are the key.

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Working with some of the world’s smartest companies. Coincidence?? We don’t think so!

Over the past decade we have designed, delivered and provided training content and tools to Fortune 500 companies and we have delivered category management training to 7 of the top 10 Consumer Packaged Goods companies. We serve clients of all sizes from all industry. We have the experience and expertise to work with your team to deliver training content successfully and efficiently.

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