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Our Training Strategy


Better, Repeatable, More Effective Training

Our learners are the center of our focus.

Accordingly, your subject matter experts can consult and collaborate with us as we develop powerful learner competencies and capabilities.

You can reap the benefits of learning, developed and guided by an industry expert, backed by our world-class digital learning technology and on-demand digital media.

We develop training that you retain and can apply practically in your professions. Experience has shown that a full spectrum training strategy produces the best return on investment.

Our Content Strategy is Proven by Industry Leaders!

  • Content for a mobile learning workforce
  • We’ll do the heavy content lifting for your needs
  • Highly-engaging page types and user interactions
  • A proven methodology to optimize content
  • Multiple language support
Blended Learning

Blended Learning

With an average productivity gain of 45%, we know blended learning works. It is extremely effective in changing behavior, influencing company culture as well as building skill and knowledge for higher performance.

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The strategy for each client is determined by conducting an analysis of the existing organizational culture and infrastructure.

A partnership with CatManHelp ensures that we deliver the best-in-class instructor-led training complimented with digital-based learning.

We have achieved unprecedented success and our category management training program is sold out year after year.

Leveraging the benefits of traditional classroom-instruction techniques alongside opportunities in the digital learning space such as online discussions, online group work, instant messages, blogs and electronic portfolios make it possible to build a learning culture that transcends and possibly replaces the classroom instruction.



The most effective training programs have a self-directed element because adults want to control their learning. However, understanding how to guide self-development, digital learning coursework as well as social learning is natural to most training departments. This is where we can assist CPG and retail companies looking to train their teams.

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Leading organizations are discovering diverse forms and training formats that support student-centered learning.

Self-directed learning can be leveraged in training programs in many ways. These range from just-in-time performance support to user-generated resource sharing.  The analytics, albeit it that these are in the infancy stage of tracking, can help match personality and performance data.

High-performing companies are at the forefront in understanding how to build learning communities that can respond to the demands of staying current with the competition.  Self-directed learning is at the core of these efforts.



Social learning is not a new concept. The future of learning may revolve around digital social formats. This is particularly true when you consider the impact social media has had on learning opportunities due to its widespread use.

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The lines are effectively blurred between how we collaborate online and in person.  In many organisations, you see people sitting across from each other yet they type messages back and forth as opposed to talking to one another.

Many companies are dabbling in the use of common social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to accelerate learning but that is a short step in the right direction.

Creating a culture of social learning entails full support from leadership and guidance strategies to initiate and build.  We can use our expertise to help you develop a world-class training environment.



Data is all the rage. Organisations understand that analytics reporting is useful for far beyond simply calculating the return on investment of a training program.

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Data mapping the way that people navigate a website offers valuable insights. For instance, scrutinizing the page views or revisits informs where additional training may be required or less useful topics dropped.

At Learning Evolution, we emphasize that data gathering opportunities should be used at all points in the learning path. By looking at the complete picture, from pre-assessment, to during a course, to after can help build a complete picture of the learner and effectiveness of the training.

Ask us how the API experience can even track learning outside the courseware!

What our universities and students say

Critiquing our presentations helped ensure that best practice elevated our staff’s productivity and [created] better relationships with our retailers and wholesalers. Excellent work!

Great Lakes

“Students utilizing your coursework are receiving the most advanced instruction in category management possible today. Learning Evolution [has] made a difference for many students.”

Depaul University

“I was a campus hire for Pepsi and worked my way into a Senior Category Analyst role. The online Category Management training that Pepsi offered to employees gave me functional training and industry understanding I didn’t have coming from Fullerton. Without the functional training that Pepsi offered I would not be in the position I am today.”


“We worked with Learning Evolution to develop a series of digital case studies. Their work resulted in us providing impactful, well-thought-out strategies and solutions that we could implement and execute in our business. I would highly recommend Learning Evolution for any strategic learning and development initiatives with which you may need help.”

Red Bull

“I am happy to provide this recommendation on Learning Evolution’s category management training and CMA certified software. These training modules provide a very cost-effective and thorough approach to CM training. Any organization will benefit greatly from the comprehensive content and efficient online delivery.”

Tom Burkemper

“This program has allowed us to change our management approach, and while we are still highly focused on achieving results, we are equally focused on developing our people. We honestly can’t expect better sales results without an improved sales staff.”


“The blended training we have developed with Learning Evolution for our associates has increased our ability to level set and onboard our new hires at a much higher level. Their work with Learning Evolution is giving them more confidence in their ability to execute our strategies.”



Our Learning Community

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